During this time we are taking every reasonable measure
possible to ensure the safety of our patients:

1. Only one patient will be allowed in the clinic at a time
2. Patients + practitioner must wear a mask
3. HEPA filters are being added into treatment rooms. (Our filters turn
over the air every 12 minutes and filter out bacteria and viruses)
4. Rooms are sanitized after each patient

We kindly ask you to help by:

1. Please, enter the clinic only if our front door is open. (If our door
is closed, we are with a patient or are sanitizing the treatment

2. Please, wear a mask and sanitize your hands. If you do not have a mask,
a mask will be provided to you in our waiting area along with hand

3. Please, reschedule your appointment if you experience any of the
following: coughing, sneezing, fever, shortness of
breath, sudden loss of smell or have had direct contact with someone who
has COVID. If you're sick and need guidance on herbal and nutritional
remedies that can help, we can provide you with a virtual visit